=Dress Code for Pre-K 2016-2017

The personal appearance of a student represents that individual. The personal appearance of the

entire student body represents the school to others; therefore, Nativity of Our Lord School

adheres to a strict dress code. A neat appearance demonstrates respect for others and fosters an

individual’s sense of self-respect and pride. Nativity of Our Lord School’s uniform consists of:


* Yellow knit banded embroidered polo shirt (long or short sleeve)

* Green nylon mesh gym shorts with Nativity logo

(spring and fall)

* Khaki pants, Nativity yellow polo shirt, and Nativity Sweater or vest (Winter)

* Sneakers



* Yellow T-shirt with Nativity logo

* Green nylon mesh gym shorts with Nativity logo

* Dark green sweatshirt and sweatpants with Nativity logo

(cold weather)

* Sneakers

*Sweaters are mandatory from approximately November 2 through March 3.

Uniforms should be properly worn; shirtsleeves should be worn at their full length. Slacks, skorts

and gym shorts must be worn at the waist; shirttails must be tucked in. Neckties are to be properly

tied. Socks are to be worn at proper height and skorts may not be rolled at the waist.

Students may wear a watch, a ring, and a religious medal or symbol. Girls may wear a pair of

small, non-dangling, non-hoop post earrings if they have pierced ears. Multiple earrings per ear

are not permitted. Boys are not permitted to wear earrings. No other jewelry is necessary or

appropriate, and make-up and nail polish are not permitted. Fingernails must be short and


Hair must be neatly styled. Hair should not be faddishly colored or in their eyes. Boys’ hair

length should be above the collar. Tails, lines, designs, faddish shaves, cuts or styles are not

permitted. Girls’ hair ribbons, barrettes, etc. should match the colors of the school uniform.

Hats are not considered appropriate attire during the school day; therefore, they may not be worn

inside the school building.

Students are expected to be in complete school uniform at all times while in the school building

and on school property. If for some reason a student must be out of uniform, a note from the

parent explaining the reason and requesting an exception is required.

Dress Down Day (3D Day) Dress Code

Once a month students have the opportunity to wear appropriate casual clothes instead of school

uniforms. Jeans, sweat suits, tee shirts, sneakers, and school shorts are permitted. Sweatshirts,

tee shirts, etc. may not have pictures or slogans contrary to the teachings or philosophy of

Nativity of Our Lord School.


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